Leaner, Faster and Stronger

“No Gym – No Problem”

Are you looking for fitness training that is different from all the other workouts you have tried before? Why not try our Boot Camps?

Our outdoor training is designed to increase flexibility, muscle strength, endurance, core strength, mental focus, breathing and so much more. Increase your results with group training with encouragement and competition with your fellow boot camp partners.

Are you looking to get LEANER, FASTER and STRONGER this year? 

It is not too late to end 2017 in the shape of your life? 
You know over the last few years I’ve had the pleasure of working with over 100 clients helping them radically transform their bodies. 
What I’ve found is that the average person trains hard but unfortunately the lack of results means a dip in their motivation. 
I’ve been fortunate to work with everyone from Royal Marines right through to the general public. And there is one thing in common. 
Effort without results, is wasted. 
And I imagine like many of the people that come to me, right now you’re not seeing the results you want from your effort in the gym… 
I have spaces for just 8 lucky people to join me over the next 8 weeks (and beyond) to help them radically transform their body. 
Over the 8 weeks you will get… 
– 3 x 1 hour’s group training per week so you never have to train alone
– Fun and challenging training routines so you don’t get bored
– Accurate body stats to track results so you can stay focused 
– Assess your fitness and track your nutrition to ensure constant progress 
– Nutritional templates and guidance so you are never left alone… 
– Supporting videos and reading materials to ensure success now and for years to come
– Access to “The Tribe” Facebook group so you are part of a like-minded group 
People pay me £720 to do this with them 1-1, but I understand this is out of many people’s price bracket, so fortunately, I won’t ask you to pay anywhere near that… 
The investment for this program is just £199, and I am so confident I am offering 100% money back guarantee if you don’t see results at the end of the 8 weeks.
You know my fittest days was when serving as a Royal Marines and largely that was due to the team accountability and camaraderie – we’ve taken the best of that culture and brought it to our training for everyone. 
This isn’t a programme where we beast you, in fact it’s scientifically structured, with great support and accountability. 
We have limited spaces available, and they will sell out fast. 
Click the link to take the next step and apply now
It might just be the best thing you did all year…
Morning Classes
Where: St Andrews Church, High St, Inverurie. AB51 3QJ.
When: Monday, Wednesday & Friday.  Timings: 06:00 to 07:00.

Evening Classes

Where:  Kellands Park, Inverurie.  Parking is at the end of Bradford road.
When:  Monday, Wednesday & Friday.  Timings: 18:00 to 19:00.

Please note that you have to book yourself a position prior to the session by the means of email or phone at least 24hrs before.

For best results take on the 8 week package.

8 Week Transformation (3 sessions per week) = £199
6 Week Kickstart (3 sessions per week) = £149

Added bonus is heavily reduced rate after the 8 weeks.

All sessions will have to be booked and paid.