Personal Training

Tribalcore uses a “fit for purpose” method of driving you towards your goals.  This increases the success rate because you are working for a personal reason and a purpose and not because you’ve been told to.

The Tribalcore trilogy is all centered around good core strength and a healthy lifestyle.  From this we specialise in Health – Fitness & Sports.

We are now operating out of Inverurie, Kintore, Westhill area offering personal training.  

 Tribal Fitness goals are primarily to enhance your physical freedom and ability in wellness and fitness.

We strive to consistently improve on your goals by incorporating the latest functional and effective techniques taken from our extensive experience and continual training.

We aim to keep workouts functional, fun and achievable but demanding enough that you get a full sense of accomplishment.

We use all of our combined education & experience to match your level and then progress you to your goals in a fun, safe, varied and challenging way.

We will support, encourage and most importantly educate you in how to stay healthy.

  Investment:  One to One Training

                           Free consultation

                           1-hour session: £35

                           Block of 8: £256 (only £32/session)

                           Block of 16: £480 (only £30/session)

                           Train with a partner Two to One

                           Block of 8 : £440 (£220 each/ £27.50/session)