How to get back on track.

How to get back on track.

Hello everyone,

Are you frustrated that your training has gone stagnant?

Are you seeing a serious lack of results from all the training that you do?

Are you unsure of the next steps to move you out of your training doldrums and fear that want results you have achieved are going to slip away only to be that much harder to gain back?


So, do you want to freshen up your training, start seeing results again, get those fitness levels you want and give you the opportunity to aim higher like take on a big event / challenge?


Well, you are not alone, as many of my clients I train 1 to 1 or in my Boot camps have all been there at one time or another and I can hold my hands up too, been there and I’ve got myself back on track. And I would like to share just 3 of many key points that I use with my clients to ensure that they move towards their goals time and time again.

  • Have a Goal! Having a goal to aim for long term and short term, gives you a fit for purpose and direction. Be it to do a 2 day adventure race at the end of the year but first to get a 10km in. Or, improve your fitness levels, so you can have a full and fun day running around with the family, goal now is to exercise for a minimum of 3 days a week consistently.

Whatever the goal is, having something to aim for allows you to map out a route to success.    Anything else, you are just wandering, marking time or worse going in the wrong directions.  (I will go deeper in this area later in a     blog, you will find a link on my Facebook soon, so by all means click follow)

Pick a goal!

  • Know where you are right now! There’s several depths to this but today I’m talking about your fitness and strength.

This could be sports specific, such as a 10km run so you may want to start with a 12 minute cooper test.  Evaluating first can you run for 12 minutes and then work towards getting a Vo2max score and improving it.

It could be a basic fitness test done correctly and for your ability. How many squats can you do in a minute, sit ups in a minute, press ups in a minute, how far can you walk in 30 minutes? They will be directly connected to your personal improvement and your goal.  Whatever it may be, you will find out where you are, your strengths and weaknesses and then a plan can be devised to get you to your end goals and break them down into manageable and realistic steps.

Find a test for your goal!

  • Personal accountability! If you are looking to change from what/where you are, you must have change. Be it in your training or life.

Accountability, you have to put the time and effort in and look at all aspect from training, resting and nutrition.  You are the one that is going to reach those goals and reap the satisfaction of achieving them.  Get a training partner or training group, will add to your accountability and you will be able to encourage each other if you hit a low point

These are just 3 key points you should considered and I hope that it has help to give you some clarity for the next step. Click here to watch the video.

If you have found this interested or has resonated with you then please comment in the box below and tell me what your goals are this year. If you would like more information then please go to @tribalcore and get in touch plus take advantage of regular tips and challenges.

Keep moving and stay safe.