Commando to Personal Trainer

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to look at my first blog and I hope you find future information valuable for your training.

You may already know a little bit about me from my website, but please take a few more minutes to read how I have got to where I am now.

My name is Ewan Hewertson and from a young age growing up in the Highlands of Scotland I’ve used the outdoors and general sport to channel my direction in life and a passion for sport.

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Pre-Marine training

As a kid I spent most of the time outside making the most of the coast line and surrounding hills – even braving a swim in the North Sea (made of tougher stuff when you’re younger!!) – from canoeing and other water sports in the bay to skiing in the Cairngorms.  As a forces kid I was lucky to be able to use the facilities at the local RAF base with all kinds of indoors and outdoors sports.  Along the coastline and the nearby hills were ideal spots for rock climbing and abseiling – a great way to face some of your fears and I can remember a few shaky moments 🙂

In my teens I started my studies in traditional martials arts and since then I have grown to cover a wide variety but mainly using Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee’s concepts) as my hub to form my blend of mixed martial arts.  I was lucky to have this kind of focus and a tight group of friends to start me off on my path in the realm of fitness.

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Mud Runs

Joining the Royal Marines Commandos is what really honed and moulded me.  Each stage of training pushes you further in the skills and fitness to join a Commando Unit, if you passed out.  I was one of the eleven originals from a troop of 70 in what many believe is the longest and hardest military training in the world.  Respect to those that did not make it for one reason or another but at least they got off the sofa and took a big step to change themselves.

I will use the military side of things as well as the fitness skills that I have learnt that may help you reach your goals.

Training itself was arduous but it didn’t stop there; when you join your Unit you pushed it to the next level as a team.

Strength and conditioning: You can imagine that there were plenty of obstacles courses and military circuits, great for maintaining that fighting weight.  Everyone has their ideal weight and I’m a firm believer that too much muscle is just as unnecessary as too much fat – unless you are lifting rocks all day long, you will be a slave to maintaining that muscle.  Endurance: Regular 4-mile speed marches carrying 22Lbs and a Marines favourite “yomping”.  “Yomping” is long distance with a house on your back weighing sometimes in excess of 100Lbs.  Maintaining good base cardiovascular and muscle conditioning with the shorter distances then tackle the endurance and mental fortitude with the long hard slogs.

Jungles, Marines


As part of my time in the Marines I had a few years in Training Company, which involved me taking recruits through training.  Whilst serving in a Commando Unit I worked with my fellow Marines maintaining their fitness levels as well as teaching them un-armed combat.

This all took place in unforgiving environments such as jungles, artic, mountain, desert to name but a few.  So, anyone looking to join one of our Armed Forces, to enter an adventure race or just like the military style of training I’m happy to put you through your paces.

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After leaving the Marines I gained a Diploma in Personal Training and Sports Therapy.  This allowed me to set up my own personal training business.  Over the years I have been fortunate to helped people from all walks of life from 13-year-old stroke patient to a professional race car driver.  I believe in the saying that “every day is a school day” and I try to continually learn by doing courses such as Crossfit L1 and to listen and follow people that I respect as innovators or leaders in this field.  I also continue to challenge myself by stupidly entering races such as Ironman triathlons and Xterra!!  This is when my business motto comes into play “Fit for Purpose”.  You have to have a reason for getting yourself up on that wet, dark morning to continue on a path towards your PERSONAL goal.  It has to be a positive one for you and not just because someone has made an improper comment to you.

adventure race,

Xterra world championships

One of my favourite cases was from an elderly and academic client who never really participated in any form of fitness or sport and had fallen into a sedentary slump.  His challenge was to be able to walk his grandson around Legoland for the day.  Legoland in Windsor is fairly hilly and considering five minutes of walking on the flat would have got him out of breath, it was a task.  Over a period of time and hard work he achieved his goal and not only did it make his grandsons day but his as well, well done J.H.

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So why am I starting to blog?

I am very passionate about helping people get more out of life and if I it can be done through fitness and rehabilitation, then I believe I can help.  There is a lot of information out there and sometimes you only get half the story or it is too complex to follow so my aim is to post simple but effective knowledge that you can use straight away.  I am also more than happy to provide you with more in-depth information if you require.

What are you going to get in the blogs?

I will cover all aspects of training that I use as a personal trainer such as goal setting, what equipment to use, exercise routines and fitness tests, stretch routines and rehabilitation exercises for the common injuries.

How can you get involved?

These blogs are for you.  I would like you to get involved and for you to tell me what you are personally looking for or are having problems with and I will respond to you directly or if it is something that a wider audience would benefit from I will include the generic details on my blog page.  All comments are welcomed, like’s or dislike’s but please be polite and constructive as these pages are here to help people improve themselves.  I continue to learn so if there is someone out there that has a different or alternative approach or there is a new study that would add to my existing knowledge please feel free to share with me.

On that note there are new results and information released every day from studies that have been ongoing for many years so information will change as we better ourselves and that is what confuses the general public.  I will try to stay on the curve and pass on what I can.


The future is exciting!!  With your help and comments I will continue to make researching and testing new techniques a full-time job in order that I can deliver a more empowering and cost effective training tool for you.

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Ewan Hewertson

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Take care and keep moving.