Graham achieving massive results mentally and physically.

body mind nutrition Oct 07, 2019

A massive shout out to Graham Herd who on his health and fitness travels has dropped a huge 32kg. The equivalent of the two kettlebells he is holding here.

Not only achieving his weight goal and beyond, he has increased his fitness, tackled an adventure race for the first time, built a healthy attitude towards food and to top it all off has grown a new level of mental fortitude.

I will say this is not a result of completing a 12 week package but a long term lifestyle adjustment which is and will carry on opening new possibilities to him.

Well done Graham.

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Monday Workout

body Oct 07, 2019

6am Circuit to blast the day off!!

We even got the sunrise before the circuit was finished BONUS.

Even though it may be hard to get out of bed.
The mornings may be getting darker and colder.
(first time scrapping the ice today)

Setting the day off the way you want the day to go is vital, develop a solid morning routine that works for you.

Timings could be 5 minutes of 40 minutes and it will change over the year. The activity will change too, it can be a breathing routine, yoga, circuit, walk, run or just simply planning a positive day.

"Win the morning Win the day"

You are the creator of your day!

Here is a wee circuit for you to have a go at, adapt the equipment, exercises and intensity to suit.


#tribalcoreonlinecoaching #morningroutine

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Growth Mindset or Fixed Mindset?

mind Oct 07, 2019

Growth Mindset or Fixed Mindset?

Read the 8 phrases below and honestly think which ones you agree or disagree with.

1: You’re born with a certain amount of intelligence and it isn’t something that can be changed.

2: Intelligence can increase or decrease depending on whether or not you spend time exercising your mind.

3: You can learn new things but you can’t change your underlying level of intelligence.

4: Learning new things can increase your underlying intelligence.

5: Talent is something you’re born with, not something you can develop.

6: If you practice something for long enough, you can develop a talent for it.

7: People who are good at a particular skill were born with a higher level of natural ability.

8: People who are good at a particular skill have spent a lot of time practicing that skill, regardless of natural ability.

Did you agree with more of the Even or Odd numbered phrases?

These sorts of questions can be asked in all fields of our life's...

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"Raise your standards"

mind Oct 07, 2019

If there is ANY aspect in your life that you want to improve then simply,
"Raise your standards".

It is as simple as that!

I wish it was that simple, we can all raise our standards right now maybe for the next 10 minutes or for the rest of the day.  But to hold this for longer and make it a life changing habit we have to believe it and believe in ourselves.

We have limitless potential but we are usually limited by our beliefs / mind.
"Its a state of mind"

- Right now take away any barriers you may think you have and just envision one big dream you would love to achieve.
- Focus on WHY you want it and how it would make you FEEL and how it would IMPROVE your LIFE and those around you.
- BELIEVE that this is POSSIBLE, soak it in.
- Look at two things that you can add or retract from your life that will step you towards that goal.


think it, feel it, experience it, be it.

There you go, you have a strategy to implement but I know for a lot of us we need help...

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