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Growth Mindset or Fixed Mindset?

mind Oct 07, 2019

Growth Mindset or Fixed Mindset?

Read the 8 phrases below and honestly think which ones you agree or disagree with.

1: You’re born with a certain amount of intelligence and it isn’t something that can be changed.

2: Intelligence can increase or decrease depending on whether or not you spend time exercising your mind.

3: You can learn new things but you can’t change your underlying level of intelligence.

4: Learning new things can increase your underlying intelligence.

5: Talent is something you’re born with, not something you can develop.

6: If you practice something for long enough, you can develop a talent for it.

7: People who are good at a particular skill were born with a higher level of natural ability.

8: People who are good at a particular skill have spent a lot of time practicing that skill, regardless of natural ability.

Did you agree with more of the Even or Odd numbered phrases?

These sorts of questions can be asked in all fields of our life's and you may even find that you are a blend of fixed to growth mindset depending on them.

However, the mind is a muscle and how we use and grow it will affect our beliefs too.

If you are looking to develop an Elite mindset and body then get in touch or try one of our packages.

P.s If you didn't realise it Evens were Fixed mindset and Odds were Growth Mindset phrases.

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